Content is King in 2018

Its 2018, are you maximizing your reach on Social Media? 



We all know content is king in today's market, but often I see so many businesses missing the opportunity to leverage content platforms. For example, if your business centers around physical products, you should be posting every day to Instagram rather than writing about them over Twitter. Below check out a photo from my Instagram. You'll see I use a bunch of hashtags in the comments section rather than the caption itself. Experiment with what works best but everything you post should be high quality and on brand.


While sharing pictures of your cat is fun, when your posts represent the brand you want everything that goes up to represent the quality of the work you provide your client! Often times thats more than just a photo taken with an iPhone.

Its easy to miss the mark, but I am here to help. Check out my Instagram account for regular posts from my adventures and client work to get a feel for how we can create some awesome content for your business!


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Journal 01 - Be Inspired

As creators we all need to embrace inspiration and let it take us where it wants. Don't hold yourself back on the "What If's" Just get out there and make something.

So often bring my camera and film something not even knowing what I will do with what I capture. There's just something to special to me about capturing a special moment and being able to relive that memory any time through video and photos.

Let the waves carry you where they want. Be a part of the ride. Enjoy life's journey. Be inspired.